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Pizza Cone Machine

Pizza cone is a good way to producing pizza cone machine for all industries and company. We are wholesale supplier for giving High quality machine to producing best results to gain revenue. Pizza cone is best organizer industry to offering good equipment for all dealers in all over India and major cities. Pizza cone suppliers pizza cone oven and High Quality moulding machine. Pizza cone is a good product for earning and beat competitor on market.

We have 2 types of pizza cone machine available.

Two mould Pizza cone machine

Power Consumption: 1.6 KW

Production Capacity: 250 Cones per hour

Features: Timer, Emergency release, automatic moulding, partial release

What is pizza cone ?

Pizza cone is just like a ice cream cone. It filled with pizza sauce, cheese and toppings . if you want to Make pizza cones at home using a cone mold to shape the dough . A cone holder to finish the hand-held pizza creation in the oven. By the Pizza cone machine you can do it very easily. It is not too costly. You can easily buy with us. We are best and old supplier manufacture for it . Pizza cone molding machine Pizza cone Oven If you want to know more about machines required for making pizza cone. Pizza cone moulding machine It is a moulding machine which not just mildew the pizza base in conical shape however also bake it. it is simple to function and it require simplest 1 skilled worker to perform the device. You can in addition study instruction on how to use pizza cone device. Our machines are from one of the high-quality producer of pizza cone machine,

This oven is to be used after filling has been poured in pizza cone. The baking time may be 2 to 4 minutes relying on ingredients and temperature settings. We have imported as well as we manufacturer pizza cone oven. Other machines: Other machines which may be utilized in pizza cone outlets are: Pizza cone show and pizza cone dough ball making machine.

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